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Dorado Golden Route, aims to bring the best Dorado operations in Southamerica by putting together 7different operations that will provide you, with almost every possible way of chasing this magical fish.

At present, DGR has brought together 7 of the best dorado destinations. By working together, we seek to empower this super game fish and increase its popularity. By doing so, we seek to increase demand in the market and accomplishing this, will lead to more resources generated by local operators and for so, more resources invested in conservation.

Collaboration enables individuals to work together to achieve a defined and common business purpose, make Patagonia a super top destination angling region again.


Rio Dorado

Fishing with Juramento Fly Fishing, will give you access to Rio Dorado, the easy jungle experience ..
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Rio Juramento

Fish in excess of 30 pounds can be landed in this river as you drift between drop off and pick up points, casting to likely structure and hoping for a hungry Dorado to be close by.
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Upper Parana River

Upper Parana River, Where The Monsters Golden Dorado live
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The area encompasses more than 3 million acres of flowing water—crystal clear creeks, shallows, lakes, swamps, and lagoons
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Golden Dorado River Cruiser

Golden Dorado River Cruiser, the one and only mother ship fishing program in all Argentina.
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All year round fishing super close to Buenos Aires, fishing in Rio Uruguay may calm down any Urban fisher…
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Having Villa Constitucion in the menu, will allow us to fish Rio Parana just 2 hour drive from Buenos Aires Downtown.
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DGR Complementary Circle

  • Lodge Union
  • Combining destinations made easy
  • Power of the group to provide better service & Alternatives
  • Best offer of Dorado Fishing in different rivers & techniques
  • Empower Dorado as a prime gamefish worldwide.
  • Promoted by locals with great knowledge of the resources
  • More resources invested in conservation & local economies

Promoting & protecting Dorado, collaboratively.

  • Dorado Golden Route creates its own specialized team to provide support to Fly Shops and outfitters offering Destination Travel in order to enlarge the market in Patagonia.

  • Any sale driven through this office support,will allocate 5% of the profit DGR generates, into conservation causes


Visiting Dorado Golden Route lodges, gives you the option to chase Dorado in almost any technique you like:

  • Floating in drift boats
  • Wadding in the Jungle
  • Sightfishing
  • From the Boat
  • Surface flies
  • Big Streamers
  • 2 hour drive from Buenos Aires
  • A true Jungle experience

A unique region for its potential for flyfishing.
Great variants, low density of fishermen, many varieties of salmonids, forms of fishing, guides with tons and local experience, combining destinations, unique landscapes, great food and wine, and the strong desire to provide a different experience.

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